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RM 03201.003 Terms Used in Pension Plans - Glossary

Term Definition

Benefit Plan or Pension Plan

A plan, fund, or program of an employer or employee organization that provides retirement income to employees.

Defined Benefit Plan

A plan funded by employer (or employer and employees) providing a specific benefit formula to determine benefits payable to employees at retirement age.

Defined Contribution Plan

A plan providing retirement benefits based on each employee's account to which the employer (or employer and employee) has made contributions.


An employee or former employee covered by a benefit plan who may be eligible (or whose beneficiaries may be eligible) for benefits under the plan.

Plan Administrator

  • The employer;

  • Employee organization;

  • Association of two or more employers or employee organizations; or

  • Other person designated in a pension plan as having responsibility for maintaining the plan.

Vested Benefit

The earned benefit under a pension plan - either an immediate benefit or a future (deferred) benefit.

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