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RM 03803.003 Interpreting Data on Form SSA-7009, Transcript of Earnings Record

  1. A. 

    The columns appearing on the SSA-7009 and an explanation of the entries made in such columns are shown below.

    1. 1. 


      The name(s) as it appears on the incoming correspondence. Additional names may also be entered during scouting.

    2. 2. 


      The SSN(S) as it appears on the incoming correspondence or located in scouting. The following notations may be entered during scouting:

      1. a. 

        “INC” - The name on the SSA-7009 is different than the name on record for the SSN. The name on record will be transcribed onto the SSA-7009.

      2. b. 

        “PXR” - Mulitple SSN's which were previously cross-referred.

      3. c. 

        “XR” -Multiple SSN's not previously cross-referred.

    3. 3. 


      Will show one of the following:

      1. a. 

        Regular EIN-two digit IRD number and seven digit serial number.

      2. b. 

        Regular EIN plus one of the following:

        1. 1. 

          “A” -Agricultural Employer

        2. 2. 

          “F” -Federal Employer

        3. 3. 

          “H” -Household Employer

        4. 4. 

          “N” -Non-profit Employer

        5. 5. 

          “T” -Tip Wages

      3. c. 

        SEI Item -IRD designation (2 digits) and the quarters of coverage pattern

    4. 4. 


      The amount of quarterly or annual earnings reported.

    5. 5. 


      Either month and year ending a quarter, or the year for which the earnings were reported.

    6. 6. 


Code Explanation
1 Increase
2 Decrease-adjustment
3 Increase-adjustment
4 Decrease-reinstatement
5 Increase-reinstatement
6 Decrease-evidence posting
7 Increase-evidence posting

NOTE: Where no entry is shown, consider that the item is an entry 1 code. Request clarification if any doubt exists.

  1. 7. 


    The numbers appearing in these columns identify the master block and unit in which the related report was processed. The location and type of report or adjustment form can be determined from these numbers.

  2. 8. 


    Page numbers were used on multi-page reports, before master blocking was introduced, to locate an item on microfilm. Sequence numbers are used to locate single page and SEI reports on microfilm.

  3. 9. 


    The establishment number identifies several things depending upon the reporting.

    1. a. 

      Wage reporting-It identifies the unit of an establishment reporting employer.

    2. b. 

      SE reporting-It identifies the year it was processed, the SE symbol, and the taxable year, respectively.

    3. c. 

      SSA-7010U5 Posting-An “0090” in this column identifies an EDP offset posting.


      Where the IRD of the EIN is “80” the posting is the result of an SSA-1652.

  4. 10. 


    The first digit of the number appearing in this column is the cycle in which the item was posted, and the second digit is the posting year. For years prior to 1957, the posting year or the accounting quarter will be shown.

  5. 11. 


    Used to show the entry code for an item located in scouting for which an SSA-1085, Temporary Earnings Card, has been or will be prepared.

  1. B. 

    The symbols used in transcribing the earnings record and their location on the SSA-7009 are shown below. Footnotes are listed at the end of this section.

Symbol Explanation Location on SSA-7009
CA SSA-1085 temporary earnings item; permanent entry should follow. On the left of the “Amounts Reported” column
CA** Offsetting entry to cancel an erroneous SSA-1085 temporary earnings item posting On the left of the “Amounts Reported” column
CA Cancellation of SEI: item previously shown as “RT” (or “FLD” before such posting included SEI) 2 3
CAN Cancellation of SEI report 1  2 4
EO Employee omitted from wage report “Amount Reported” column
EX SE report returned to DDIR; business exempt or net earnings under $400.2. 3
EXE Exempt SE adjustment schedule received. 1  2 4
EXN SE report returned to DDIR; business exempt 1  2 4
EXNOB Same as “EXN.”1  2 4
EXSE Same as “"EX.” 1  2 4
EX4 SE report returned to DDIR; net earnings under $400. 4
EX400 Same as “EX4.” 1 4
FL SE report processed; nature of business questioned; FO investigation. QC's and SEI are posted. 3
FLD SE report processed; nature of business questioned; Request for Investigation of Nature of Business Shown on Schedule SE, sent to FO. QC's and SEI not posted prior to 1955 but posted after 1954 with certain exceptions. 1 4
FLDSE Same as “FLD” 1 4
MI SE report received from minister. 3
MIN Same as “MI” 1 4
MINSE Same as “MI” 1 4
NC SE adjustment report received; no change in previous SEI amount. 2 3
NCN Same as “NC” 2 4
NO SE report returned to taxpayer; nature of business not reported or nondescriptive. 1 3
NOB Same as “NO” 1 4
NOBNR Same as “NO” 1 4
NOEIN No employer identification number located for employer “Employer or SE Identification” column
NR No report for this period “Amounts Reported” column
NTR Nontaxable wage report; no employees listed on report. 1 “Amounts Reported” column
NQ SE report shows maximum earnings; SEI under $400; QC's not shown 3
RT SE report returned to IRS 3
RTC Same as “RT” 1  2 4
(for SEI)
RTC Wage report returned to IRS “Amounts Reported” column
RTCADD SE report returned to IRS because of missing or incomplete address. 1   2 4
RTCDPL SE report returned to IRS because of duplicate Schedules SE. 1  2 4
RTCNAM SE report returned to IRS because of missing or incorrect name. 1  2 4
RTCNOB SE report returned to IRS because business appears not covered. 1  2 4
RTCSEI SE report returned to IRS because of error in computation of SEI. 1  2 4
RTCTL SE report returned to IRS to check if timely filed. 1  2 4
RTCYR SE report returned to IRS because of error in year. 1  2 4
SE SE report was deemed correct; unqualified posting of SEI 3
SEI Same as “SE” 1 4
SELF Same as “SE” 1 4
T Tips 4
TL Time limitation expired for filing SE report. 2 3
TLE Same as “TL” 1  2 4
TLEXP Same as “TL” 1  2 4
UTL Unable to locate earnings; large employer; items not in order on report “Amount Reported” column

1 This symbol is no longer being used, but will appear in transcriptions of certain prior years.

2 QC's and SEI are not posted.

3 Located in the “Estab. No.” column.

4 Located in the “Employer or SE Identification” column.

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