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RM 03849.005 Acceptances

Cases received from field offices (FO) after an investigation is complete may include an individual's acceptance of the earnings record. Essentially, the individual withdrew their request for further investigation, accepting the posted earnings as correct. The file may contain evidence of part of the earnings alleged, or it may contain no evidence.

If the FO investigation completely resolved all discrepancies and the file contains a signed acceptance, do not handle as an acceptance case. Instead, prepare a letter to the individual and close the earnings discrepancy case.

  1. A. 

    In cases where all three of the following conditions exist, annotate the case “Individual accepts record,” date and initial, but do not send a closeout letter:

    1. 1. 

      Individual signed a statement that their posted earnings record is correct.

    2. 2. 

      No adjustments were made in the earnings record based on the evidence obtained.


      If alleged items were posted after the case was sent to the FO, consider the adjustments were made because of the investigation and a closeout letter must be prepared.

    3. 3. 

      No coverage or earnings determination was made to grant nor deny in whole or part the individual's request for revision.


      Do not send a closeout letter, if it is clear the earnings from the services were not covered, or the alleged amounts are not “wages” and the individual agrees.

  2. B. 

    In acceptance cases where all the conditions outlined in “A” above are not met, prepare a closeout letter including the following:

    1. 1. 

      Any pertinent itemization.

    2. 2. 

      A reference to the acceptance.

    3. 3. 

      Reconsideration paragraph.


      If a coverage or “wage” issue is involved, a determination is necessary, and a letter must be written.

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