TN 10 (10-94)

RM 03870.008 Development Record of Earnings Investigation


The ICOR process permits an earnings issue to be tracked from the point of allegation to the adjustment. You may place earnings issues requiring development under control at the time the allegation is received and maintain a record of all action and development taken.

Establish the NH's identity on the Number Holder Identification (EIDN) screen (MSOM EM 011.002) and enter all pertinent development taken on the Earnings Development screens (MSOM EM 017.001).

Use the following screens as necessary to record the development taken to resolve the earnings issue and to retain information such as address(es), telephone number(s), report of contacts, etc.:

  • Earnings Development Worksheet (EDWR) screen, MSOM EM 017.002

  • Worksheet Remarks (ERMK) screen, MSOM EM 017.005

  • Report of Contact (EROC) screen - MSOM EM 017.006

  • Employer Development (EEMP) screen, MSOM EM 017.007

  • Self Employment Business Development (ESEM) screen, MSOM EM 017.008

Use the Earnings Control Transfer (ETRN) screen (MSOM EM 031.001) to transfer the case to another office.

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