TN 10 (10-94)

RM 03870.098 Action When Earnings Records Development Complete


Follow the appropriate procedure below when development has been complete.

1. Adjustment Process Using IC

When all development is complete and a decision has been made concerning the earnings in question correct the MEF using IC.

NOTE: It is not necessary to retain any documents or evidence as IC sufficiently documents the basis for the adjustment action.

Advise the individuals to retain their evidence until they receive SSA's notice concerning the earnings. This is in the event that the if should be necessary to review some aspect of the evidence presented if the adjustment action did not process correctly.

2. Reconsideration/Appeal Rights

IMPORTANT: Whenever a determination is made to change an individual's ER, and the individual does not agree with SSA's decision, he/ she has the right to appeal the decision.

If the earnings were corrected in IC, the appeal may be processed by the FO, PSC or OCRO, whichever office receives the appeal request.

IMPORTANT: The reconsideration request must be processed by an individual other than the one who made the initial determination. ` If the earnings correction was not processed in IC, forward reconsideration or appeal requests for preclaim cases to OCRO. Forward claims related reconsideration/ appeal requests to the appropriate PC.

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