Basic (07-81)

RM 04912.002 Receive and Process RTC Replies (4215)

  1. A. 

    Receive replies from the Internal Revenue Service Centers correcting or clarifying forms 4361 which we returned due to discrepancies or inconsistencies. These replies will normally consist of both copies of form 4361 and letter 1159 (SC) or form 4456 when IRS is providing an SSN, signature, etc. When a form 4361 is being disapproved, the reply will consist of one copy of form 4361 with the “Disapproved” box checked. Letter 286C (disapproval letter) may also be included but is not essential.

  2. B. 

    Remove the related photocopies of form 4361 letter 1159 (SC) or form 4456 from the RTC Pending File. If the requested information or clarification has been provided, destroy the photocopies and line out the RTC indication on the form 4361. If the requested information has not been provided, return the material to the IRSC after indicating the reason for return on letter 1159 (SC) or form 4456 and entering the current date after the “RTC” indication on form 4361. Note the photocopies “Resubmitted” (current date) and refile them in the RTC Pending File.

  3. C. 

    Classify and handle replies which contain requested information in accordance with RM 04909.004.

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