Basic (07-81)

RM 04913.001 Maintain Program Service Center Pending File (4215)

  1. A. 

    Each month examine the file of photocopies of forms 4361 and related letters 1159 (SC) or forms 4456. Remove any case mailed to a Program Service Center or the Office of Disability Operations (ODO) 60 days or more prior to the current date.

  2. B. 

    Prepare photocopies of the control material and note them “Second Request” —(current date). Refile the control material after noting the date of the second request. Address a route slip to the appropriate program service center or ODO as applicable. In remarks enter “The original copies of the attachments which were transmitted for handling per current POMS instructions on (previous date of referral) have not been returned to this office.” “Please process the original copies in accordance with POMS instructions.” Attach the route slip to the photocopies and release the material for mailing.

  3. C. 

    If no reply is received in response to the secondrequest after 60 days, notify the Records Adjustment and Correspondence Branch.

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