Correspondence - Filing, Control, Monitoring

Chapter Table of Contents
RM 05001.000Major Categories of Correspondence
RM 05002.000Preliminary Action on Correspondence
RM 05003.000Acknowledging Replies
RM 05004.000Handling Correspondence - General
RM 05005.000Correspondence Involving Foreign Officials/Countries
RM 05006.000Appropriate Form of Communication
RM 05007.000Letters, Memorandums and Informal Notes - General
RM 05008.000Typing - General
RM 05009.000Reviewing and Releasing Correspondence
RM 05010.000Hand-Prepared Correspondence
RM 05011.000Use and Preparation of Envelopes - Procedure
RM 05012.000Mail and Messenger Service - Procedure
RM 05013.000Processing Requests for Forms/Literature
RM 05014.000Processing Correspondence Containing “Miscellaneous Money”
RM 05015.000Earnings Inquiries Control System
RM 05016.000Correspondence Labels and Indicators
RM 05017.000Correspondence Establishment and Maintenance

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