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RM 05001.002 Authoritative Sources Governing Correspondence Processing


There are a number of sources/reference material available which you can use to help process SSA's correspondence.


The following table contains a list of sources/reference material available and the information each contains.

Catalog of SSA Forms and Form Letters A current list of all forms and form letters used throughout SSA
Commissioner's Bulletin Information about pending legislation or recently approved amendments to the Act
Congressional Directory A list of all Congressmen currently in office
Correspondence Information and Guides A series of guides prepared by the OPI as helpful hints on how to achieve shortness, simplicity, strength and sincerity in our replies
Directory of State Assistance Payments Agencies The names of the agencies concerned with those grant-in-aid programs set out below:
  • Title I, Old-Age Assistance and Medical Assistance

  • Title IV, Aid and Services to needy families with children and for Child Welfare Services

  • Title X, Aid to the Blind

  • Title XIV Aid to the Permanently and Totally Disabled

  • Title XVI, Supplemental Security Income for the Aged, Blind and Disabled

  • Title XX, Grants to States for Services

Guide Paragraph Book A collection of phrases, sentences and paragraphs designed to expedite the preparation of correspondence
DHHS Staff Manual-Correspondence Instructions and guidance for the handling of correspondence throughout DHHS
Informational Publications The provisions of the Social Security Act which can be released to the public
Mailing List of State Reporting Officials The name, title and address of the official in each State designated as the person responsible for State and local reporting under the agreement
Regional Office Directory A list of professional and administrative personnel within the Department in order by each HHS region
Service Area Directory •  Part A: District and Branch Office
•  Part B: Counties in alphabetical order
   within each State
•  Part C: Resident office responsibilities
   for foreign, APO and FPO addresses
SSA Administrative Instructions Manual System Correspondence Management: The responsibilities of the various SSA components with regard to determining and implementing correspondence and procedures
SSA Program Circulars Noninstructional issuances designed to give program, operations and systems information and technical reminder items to operational components
United States Government Correspondence Manual Policies, procedures and instructions for the handling of correspondence throughout the Federal Government
U.S. Government Printing Office Style Manual and Word Division Supplement A list of all agencies in the legislative, judicial and executive branches of the Federal Government


Follow the instructions contained in these manuals except where they conflict with instructions in this manual. If conflicts occur have management contact the Operational Support Staff (OSS) for further instructions.

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