TN 4 (05-92)

RM 05003.001 Acknowledgements and Time Limits on Replies


The correspondence you receive must be answered within certain time limits. If a complete response cannot be given within these limits, acknowledge receipt of the correspondence.


A third party is someone other than the social security number holder.


Answer letters with 10 working days of receipt. If you cannot meet this deadline, do the following:

1. Form SSA-5058PC (Acknowledgement of Correspondence)

  • Send a form SSA-5058 PC as first acknowledgement to routine letters within 2 working days.

  • Show your branch reference symbol under the file reference.

NOTE: Never show a Social Security Number (SSN) on the postcard.

  • Annotate the incoming inquiry “5058 Sent (Date).”

2. Dictated Letters

Use a dictated letter (retain a copy with case) instead of the postcard:

If the incoming is... Then...
a second request and the original is being handled by the Office of Central Records Operations/Office of Pre-Claims Requirements prepare an acknowledgement immediately unless  a complete reply will be sent within 2 working days.
a second request and the original request was forwarded to a Social Security Office (SSO) or Program Service Center (PSC) include the complete address but not the name of the office to which the original request was forwarded.
EXCEPTION:  When more than one type of office (e.g., a program service center and a district office or branch office) is located at the same address, indicate the type of office (e.g., district office) so that the public is not confused by our reference to a “SSO.”

from an employer or other third party

  • include in the letter the date and any reference symbols shown on the incoming request.

  • specify the subject of the incoming request or if only one individual is involved specify the individual's name and the SSN if on the incoming.


Use the following to determine the type of acknowledgement.

If... Then...
there are no special circumstances use a dictated letter.
the sender requests that we reply by telegram and  indicates that he /she will pay the cost reply by telegram.
there is an urgent need to inform the sender that we cannot immediately reply to his/her request •  ask your supervisor for permission to reply
   by telegram.
•  also, decide whether to send the telegram


  • Retain a copy of all acknowledgements with the case.

  • Honor a request where the writer encloses a carbon copy and   requests that it be signed and returned or requests that we verify the receipt of the correspondence. Reply as indicated in C. above.

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