TN 4 (05-92)

RM 05005.001 Correspondence Involving Puerto Rico


Follow the instructions below.

1. Untranslated Correspondence

Handle incoming Puerto Rican correspondence written in Spanish with no translation attached per RM 05002.001.

After receiving a translated version of incoming correspondence, further handle in accordance with 3. below.

2. Initiating Correspondence

  • Prepare outgoing correspondence in the usual manner (i.e., prepare letter in English, use regular letter format, etc.).

  • Attach a form OF-41 addressed to the servicing field office (FO). Request its assistance in translating or taking action necessary to insure the addressee understands the request.

3. Replying to Incoming Correspondence

  1. a. 

    Send reply directly to the individual if:

    • the purpose of the incoming correspondence is clearly stated; and

    • it seems obvious the individual has a good command of the English language; and

    • a detailed or complicated explanation is not necessary.

  2. b. 

    Send the correspondence, together with any information from our records that is needed for the preparation of a complete reply, to the servicing FO under cover of a form OF-41 if:

    • you are not certain as to the individual's knowledge of the English language (e.g., the incoming is a form letter with no written notes or the incoming is written in a broken English); or

    • a complete reply must include a detailed or complicated explanation; or

    • we cannot comply with the request and the situation in 3.b., bullet #1 is present.

  3. c. 

    OCRO personnel must prepare the complete reply if it is of a highly technical nature or a form letter is being sent. Use the remarks portion of form OF-41 or a covering memo if the OF-41 has insufficient space for any explanation.

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