TN 4 (05-92)

RM 05008.001 Typing - Process

The following describes the process for handling case related material referred for typing via Form SSA-6222, Correspondence Assignment Sheet.

NOTE: Each module has a manager who decides how the work is separated, assigned, typed, reviewed and released.

 1 The referred material is separated into five categories:
•   dictated letters
•  form letters
•  memorandums
•   model letters
•  specials - all types
 2 The material is assigned to a typist according to the date of the incoming request.
 3 The correspondence is typed per instructions in the SSA Secretarial Handbook and specific instructions on the form SSA-6222.
 4 The typing is reviewed to ensure:
•  the assignment has been properly completed.
•  there are no typographical errors.
•   the typing product presents a neat package.
 5 The completed work is released according to branch procedure.

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