TN 4 (05-92)

RM 05009.004 Releasing Reviewed Correspondence


1. Special Mailing Service

Attach a completed Form HHS-76, Mailing Instructions, to each piece of outgoing correspondence requiring a “special” mailing service. Release all material in a wallet-type folder or an interoffice envelope to the outgoing mail section, Mail and Work Distribution Section.

2. Interoffice Correspondence

  • Annotate all case related material to show the proper disposition. Forward it to the appropriate office with the correspondence that requires the personal signature of the official identified on the signature line or needs further concurrences or clearances.

  • Release all types of outgoing correspondence to the Mail and Work Distribution Section, in a wallet-type folder or an interoffice envelope at regular intervals.

NOTE:  Do not drop envelopes showing official governmentindicia (the eagle symbol) and the statement “Postage and Fees Paid U.S. Department of HHS” into U.S. Postal Service mailboxes.

3. Destruction

Place material marked for destruction in a receptacle set up in the branch for such material.

4. Filing - Routine

Route material for filing to the appropriate filing station within four working hours after you have responded to, or otherwise disposed of, the incoming correspondence except where otherwise instructed by another procedure.

5. Filing - Immediate

When it is vital that material be filed immediately upon its receipt in the filing station, attach a “special” tag or enter the notation “File Immediately” on the material. The supervisor will ensure proper use of the tag or notation. Improper use of these special “flag” indicators will result in the weakening of our filing processes, as well as, delay the filing of material that warrants expeditious handling.

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