TN 4 (05-92)

RM 05010.001 Hand-Prepared Correspondence

A. Definitions

1. Hand Addressed Correspondence

“Hand-addressed correspondence” are forms which may be hand addressed and which require no additional completion other than check boxes and a “refer to” line. Forms for which only an envelope need be addressed are also included in this category.


SSA-L15 SSA-L1081 SSA-3712
SSA-L29 SSA-L1094 SSA-5058PC
SSA-L68 SSA-L1123 SSA-L7044
SSA-L509 SSA-L1127 SSA-7081
SSA-L975 SSA-L7093

2. Hand - Prepared Correspondence

Hand-prepared correspondence refers to forms which require insertion of guide language, earnings data or completion of check boxes which require fill-ins.


SSA-L26 SSA-L1826 SSA-L7055
SSA-L65 SSA-5044 SSA-L7075
SSA-L220 SSA-L7038 SSA-L7093
SSA-L460 SSA-7050F3

B. List of Rules For Hand - Prepared Forms

Hand-prepared form letters are used only if you:

  • hand-print no more than three lines within text of the form

  • place the address on cards or envelopes per established placement  requirements

  • position the address element of forms used in window envelopes so as to be completely visible through the window.

C. List Of Quick - Note (SSA- L1005) Contents

Each Quick-Note must include:

  • name and address of recipient

  • writers mail stop

  • salutation

  • date

  • message

  • writer's name

  • writer's title

D. Procedure

To prepare a Quick - Note, do the following:

  • hand - print the address within the brackets area;

  • hand - print your mail stop immediately below the preprinted return address;

  • hand - print or write all other information clearly;

  • fold the Quick - Note on the “fold line” so that the address area will be fully visible when the form is placed in a standard window envelope. Place in a standard window envelope and release.

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