TN 4 (05-92)

RM 05013.001 Processing Requests for SSA Forms


After you receive a request for SSA forms (e.g., SS-5, SSA-7004PC) use the following table to decide which requests to honor.

If the request is ...Then...
only for forms that OCRO/OPR is not  responsible forforward the request to the office responsible for the forms requested.
only for forms that OCRO/OPR is  responsible forrefer to the appropriate procedure for instructions. If there are no instructions, then see B. below.
for a combination of the above alternatives get the forms that OCRO/OPR is responsible for and forward them and the request to the office responsible for the other forms.

EXCEPTION: If you get a request for an unusually large amount of forms for which OCRO/OPR is responsible then call the appropriate office for advice.


Use the following table to supply forms that are OCRO/OPR responsibility

 1Will the forms fit into a letter size or kraft envelope?
If yes  go to step 2.
If no,  go to step 3.
 2•  Insert the requested forms, incoming correspondence, and
    stuffer form, when necessary, into the appropriate
   letter size or kraft envelope.
•  Release the material according to branch policy.


  • Prepare a dictated letter.

  • Prepare an address label.

  • Release the dictated letter according to branch practice.

  • Forward the requested number of forms, a separate cover copy of the dictated letter and the address label to the Mail and Work Distribution Section for packaging and release to the requester.

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