TN 4 (05-92)

RM 05014.001 Processing Correspondence Containing “Miscellaneous Money”


“Miscellaneous Money” is money or money equivalents that is sent to SSA in error or as payment for information, material or a service for which there is no charge.

NOTE: SSA does perform certain non-Title II services for the general public, other Federal agencies, State agencies, and private pension and welfare organizations, for which a charge is made. Money or money equivalents submitted for these services are not covered by instructions in this chapter. See RM 05001.001


The situations in which you will return money or money equivalents are as follows. When money or money equivalents:

  • are submitted in payment for information, material, or services for which there is no charge

  • are submitted and it is not possible to determine what information, material, or service is wanted; or for whom the money is intended

  • have been rerouted to an addressee other than the writer, but were returned as undeliverable.


Follow the table below.

1. Fee and Remittance Unit (FRU)


 1Prepare an SSA-6273-U4 for “miscellaneous money” control. Furnish a sequential control number and show “return to sender” in remarks.
 2Annotate the control number on the remittance and correspondence.
 3 Prepare a letter to transmit the money and include an explanation for returning the money. Annotate the remittance control number on the lower left corner of the letter.
 4Place in a franked envelope and send by Registered Mail.

2. Other Components

If you receive money in your component, handcarry it to the FRU in the Mail and Work Distribution Section (MWDS) to be controlled and returned to sender.


If the money cannot be returned because no return address was furnished or the correspondence was returned as undeliverable, handle as follows:

1. FRU

  1. Prepare an SSA-6273-U4 using a sequential control number and show “forwarded to (show the SSA office the correspondence was sent to)” in remarks.

  2. Annotate the control number on the remittance and all correspondence.

  3. Prepare an OF-41 addressed to the field office servicing the institution upon which the check was drawn and cover the following points:

    • Explain that the money should be returned and why we are unable to do so.

    • Request that they attempt to resolve the situation.

    • Request a report of contact indicating the action taken. Place in a franked envelope and send by Registered Mail.

2. Other Component

See RM 05014.C.2 above.

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