TN 4 (05-92)

RM 05015.001 Earnings Inquiries Control System - General

A. Background

The Earnings Inquiries Control System (EICS) was implemented in May 1962 to reflect a new organizational environment; improve efficiency of control; and to apply computerized tools and techniques.

B. List of objectives

The basic objectives of the EICS are to:

Create and maintain a system data base as a centralized repository of information needed to control the Division of Certification and Coverage's (DCC) consolidated workload;

Allow immediate entry and validation of correspondence information and case movement data, and automatically associate related cases;

Trace accountability for correspondence at each point in the process, including movement within and between each DCC unit and units immediately external to DCC;

Allow operating managers to monitor the status of individual correspondence cases in real-time;

Provide 24-hour response to management's needs for daily and historical workload statistics in identifying system bottlenecks and measuring performance;

Accomplish automated interface with other selected automated SSA systems, either as a part of the validation process or to discharge specific DCC responsibilities in reporting to other units;

Provide mechanisms to facilitate the implementation of unanticipated system modifications required as a result of changes in organizational structure, function, or workload;

Provide safeguards for the prevention or detection of breaches in system security and generally protect the integrity and privacy of all individual records.

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