TN 4 (05-92)

RM 05015.002 Sorting Incoming Mail - EICS

A. Introduction

Mail is sorted as it is received to ensure it gets the proper handling.

B. Kinds of sensitive correspondence

The following kinds of correspondence require priority handling in the order listed:

  • Correspondence with possible Presidential, Congressional, Secretarial, or Commissioner involvement that will not be forwarded to the Office of Public Inquiries, OGA. (SEE RM 05002.000.)

  • Correspondence considered “old” compared to the age of correspondence usually received by the branch.

  • Correspondence requests requiring expeditious handling (e.g., time limit specified, hardship situation).

  • Correspondence sent by certified, registered, or special delivery mail.

C. Procedure - general sorting

Use the following to sort correspondence prior to entering into EICS.

 1Separate mail into:
•  misdirected/misrouted
•  sensitive
•  other
 2Return misdirected/misrouted correspondence (See RM 05002.001).
 3Attach a Form SSA-6629, Correspondence Control Sheet, to each piece of “sensitive” mail.

NOTE: This material must receive priority handling.

D. Procedure - classifying mail

Classify mail by subject matter of the correspondence as given in E. below.

E. List of subject matter under EICS

The following shows the types of subject matter controlled by EICS, their assigned codes and applicable procedure references.

GN 03300.000 - Disclosure/Confidentiality of InformationLetter Forwarding (Humanitarian/Monetary)
Whereabouts Requests
RM 01300.000 - Requests for Earnings, Insured Status, and Benefit Estimate Information7004 Exceptions04
RM 01400.000 - Furnishing Earnings InformationFreedom of Information
Act Requests
Pension Fund
Privacy Act Requests