TN 4 (05-92)

RM 05016.001 Obtain Correspondence Labels


Prepare a correspondence update sheet to obtain labels for correspondence showing an SSN as follows:

  • show your 2 digit mod number and 2 digit unit number .

  • list the SSN(s) involved.

  • show the 2 digit year of destruction or a “P” if the material is to be filed permanently.

Forward the sheets daily under cover of a Four-Phase Route Slip (SC:OSS: 9/ 87) to the Division of Operations Support (DOS) 3-G-17 NB for keying.

NOTE: Requests will be keyed on Wednesday of each week. The labels will usually be available a day or two after keying.

Retrieve the labels from the bins located at 3-G-17 NB.

In those cases where an entry was keyed incorrectly, rebatch these items with an entry code of “R.” Follow the instructions above. This will delete the incorrect correspondence indicator from the Numident record.

NOTE: This code is only used to delete and entry. It should normally remain blank.

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