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RM 05016.002 Handling Job Enumeration Systems Correspondence (ESCORR)

A. Background

The keying of this job provides a means by which we:

  • place a correspondence indicator on the enumeration file

  • create labels for correspondence folders.

B. Procedure keying job ESCORR

After you receive correspondence update sheets for keying from the control desk follow the steps below.

NOTE: The work can be controlled by the assignment of batch numbers by the control desk.

 1 Key job name (ESCORR) and batch identifier, if any.
 2 Return any unprocessable or questionable work to the originating office.
 3 Key the information outlined in the following instructions.
Prompt No. of Char. Instructions
MOD 2 Key the 2-digit mod number.
UNIT 2 Key the 2-digit unit number.
SSN 9 Key the 9-digit Social Security Number.
ENTRY CODE 1 The system will automatically skip this position. If an “R” is shown on the correspondence update sheet, field back and key an “R.”
PERMANENT 1 Key a “P” or hit the skip key, if blank.
YR. OF DESTRUCTION 2 Key the last 2 digits of the year of destruction.

NOTE:  If there is an entry in the entry code or permanent position, the system will automatically skip the year of destruction and go to the next record.

C. Procedure output job ESCORR

  • Output data keyed under job ESCORR at the completion of the block.

  • Create a backup tape before purging the work and hold for 90 days before returning to stock.

  • Create the ESCORR tape by entering the appropriate record of SUPER, ESCOUT and execute at record number 1 of this output command string. In response to the message TAPE INVENTORY #, depress the numeric key, and enter the 6-digit inventory number of the output tape. Press the skip key and enter the current date (YYMMDD) and depress the skip key again. The tape will continue to the end and automatically rewind.

  • Prepare Form SSA-1975 LB Standard Tape Reel Label, as follows:

  • Every Wednesday before noon, handcarry the ESCORR tape to the ADP Services Section for transmission to the NCC via the BDTS transmission system. Enter the current date in the PMTT by entering the current year, month and day date in the BDTS. In those cases where the transmission cannot be made before noon, call the ESCORR programmer on extension 56374 to let him know.

  • After the tape is created and transmitted, load peel-off labels onto the printer. Put on the appropriate carriage tape, position the labels at print line 3 and execute from record number 18. Once the labels are completed, release them to Four-Phase's control.

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