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RM 05017.002 Maintaining the Correspondence File

A. Introduction

Sequencing the file (i.e., checking the folders to make sure they are filed in correct order by SSN, EIN or alphabet) is a continuous operation.

  • If the folder is misfiled, see section D.

  • If there is more than one folder in file with the same SSN see RM 05017.001E.

B. Procedure - screening the correspondence file

Use the following procedure to keep the correspondence file up-to-date.

  • Remove from file any folder whose label shows a file retention period for the current year or prior year.

  • Screen the material in each of those folders to verify that it does contain material bearing a destruction date which is the same as, or earlier than, that shown on the label.

NOTE: Each year the Office of Pre-Claims Requirements has a listing produced to alert OCRO what folders need screening. This operation should be completed no later than April 30 of each year.

If the folder ... Then...

does not contain material for destruction at this time

  • Determine the proper file retention period notation which should appear on the folder label.

  • Using a ballpoint pen, correct the label to reflect the proper file retention period.

  • Determine if the proper retention period appears on the output received from the Numident Record.

  • If the proper retention period appears, refile the folder.

  • If the proper retention period does not appear, list the SSN and proper retention period(s) on the form supplied for this purpose and refile the folder.

  • Once each week or as volume dictates forward the list mentioned above to DOS to update the Numident Record.

does contain some material for destruction at this time

  • Remove the material which is to be destroyed from the folder.

  • Destroy the material in accordance with the instructions in the SSA Administrative Instructions Manual System.

  • Refile the folder.

consists only of material that should be destroyed at this time

  • Follow the instructions for removal and destruction as shown above.

  • Destroy the folders not worthy of further use.

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