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RM 05017.003 Handling Requests for Previous Correspondence

A. Introduction

You may receive requests for copies of previous correspondence. There is a charge-out system in OCRO that you can use to find the proper folder containing the previous correspondence.

B. Description

The charge-out system consists of a gray press board card with a clear celluloid pocket 1/2 inch from the top. The completed Form SSA-5023 Correspondence Charge Card is placed in the celluloid pocket.

C. Procedure - using the charge-out system

Use the following procedure to find the material you need to respond to the request for previous correspondence.

If... Then...

the correspondence folder is in file

  • withdraw the correspondence folder and insert the charge card in its place.

  • prepare a Correspondence Charge Card if one is not received.

  • deliver the correspondence folder to the requester.

NOTE: Be sure the “Charge To:” portion of any form SSA-5023 is properly completed before insertion into the pocket on the pressboard card.

the correspondence folder is checked out

  • check the “Charged To:” block in the “Previous Correspondence:” section of the current charge card.

  • annotate on the reverse side of the current charge card all entry information appearing in the “Charge To” section.

  • line through the entries placed in the “Charge To:” section of the current charge card and then write “Over” across the face of the card. Leave the old charge card in the file.

  • return the current charge card to the requester.

there is no correspondence folder or charge card in file

  • do a misfile search by checking 10 folders in front of and behind the position where your folder should be filed.

  • if the folder is found follow the instructions for “folder in file.”

  • if a charge card is in file follow the instructions for “folder is checked out.”

  • if neither the folder or charge out card is found, annotate the current charge card “UTL in Misfile Search” and return to requester.

D. Procedure - refiling folders

Follow the steps below when refiling folders.

 1 Put closed correspondence folders in the bin in the control area designated for these folders.
 2 File SSN and EIN folders in numerical sequence. Check each folder for proper close-out date and retention date before filing.
NOTE:  The retention date will be shown on the Form SSA-7035, Earnings Discrepancy Material, or the top piece of material in the folder and on the end flap of the folder. Return the folder to the Claims Technician (ECT) for correction if a retention date is not shown.
 3 File alphabetical folders in alphabetical sequence.
NOTE:  Alphabetical and EIN folders are located in file after the last SSN folder(s).
 4 If you find a duplicate folder while refiling:
•  place all of the material into the folder with the earliest
   retention date
•   destroy the empty folder or  save for reuse depending on
   its condition.

E. Procedure - change in folder location

If you receive folders with an OF-41 stating “change-in-file location”, remove the charge card from file that represented the old filing location and follow the chart below.

If the change is from...... Then...

an alphabetical or EIN folder to an SSN folder

  • refer the case material to the ECT for the preparation of a folder label

  • after receipt of the new label place it over the old one and file the folder as in D. above.

an SSN to an alphabetical or EIN folder

  • refer to the instructions in the two paragraphs above

  • prepare a list of the folders by SSN and retention periods. Once each week or more if volume dictates, have the ECT prepare a Correspondence Update sheet to remove the correspondence indicator from the Numident Record. See RM 05016.001A.

an alphabetical to an EIN or vice versa

hand prepare or type a correct label and file the folder in its new location.

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