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RM 10205.170 Applicant’s Signature for an Application for an SSN Card

A. Signature types for applications processed in SSNAP

SSNAP records an applicant’s signature electronically by:

  • Attestation, when the applicant completes the application in the office; or

  • FO certification of the applicant’s signature, when a properly completed and signed application is received in the mail with all necessary documents.

When the SSNAP application is cleared, you should shred the paper application (Form SS-5) or SSNAP printout. However, you can give the SSNAP printout to the applicant if he or she requests it.

B. Applicant refuses to attest to the accuracy of statements or to sign an application

If the applicant refuses to confirm the accuracy of the statements provided on the SSNAP printout or to sign the SS-5 because of religious or conscientious objection, follow these guidelines:

  • Try to persuade the applicant to sign by giving a complete explanation of the purpose of the SSN.

  • Do not insist if he or she still refuses to sign.

  • Do not process the application.

If an employer inquires about an employee who refuses to apply for an SSN because of religious objection, tell the employer to contact IRS for instructions on completing the space where the employee's SSN would normally be entered on Form W-2 (Wage and Tax Statement).


RM 10205.175 Applicant’s Electronic Signature on an Application for an SSN Card Processed in SSNAP

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