TN 47 (12-23)

RM 10210.120 Assisting Applicants When the SSN Application Cannot be Filed

Generally, applicants are able to submit the required data and required evidence for an SSN. Applicants who are homeless, have amnesia, or who are mentally impaired may need assistance.

In these situations, assist the applicant when they cannot provide:

  • the minimum data required to complete an SSN application per RM 10205.015; or

  • the evidence required to assign an SSN or to issue a replacement card per RM 10210.010 and RM 10210.015 respectively.

A. How to provide assistance

To maintain the integrity of the enumeration process, make every effort to assist the individual in providing the required information and acceptable evidence. Develop the SSN application as follows:

  • Conduct an ALPHADENT search, using all possible spelling variations of the applicant's name, for a previously assigned SSN.

  • Work with the applicant, or their representative, and suggest leads for possible sources of evidence (e.g., police or court records, past employers, schools, utility companies).

  • If pertinent, provide the source and fee for birth, death, divorce, and marriage records per GN 00308.001.

  • Seek cooperation of local agencies, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and other organizations (e.g., rehabilitation programs, advocacy groups, homeless shelters) to assist the individual in obtaining evidence from existing records.

  • If appropriate, request assistance from parallel FOs in pursuing leads.

  • When the individual needs an SSN for a benefit, contact the agency requiring the SSN to determine what evidence was used to establish eligibility to the particular benefit.

  • When all efforts fail to produce the required evidence, contact the Regional Office for guidance.

NOTE: If all leads have been explored and the required data to complete the SS-5 and evidence is still unattainable, do not process the SSN application. If the SSN application cannot be processed, provide the applicant with a written notice per RM 10215.110.

B. References

  • RM 10205.094, Purchasing Documents to Replace Lost Enumeration Evidence

  • RM 10210.005, SSN Type Definitions

  • RM 10215.110, Policy on Providing Written Notice and Second Review When SSN or Card Cannot Be Issued

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