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RM 10210.805 Form I-151, Alien Registration Receipt Card

A. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) history of Form I-151

The former Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS), now the DHS, issued Form I-151 (Alien Registration Receipt Card), commonly called a “green card,” to aliens from July 1946 through late 1978. The form is no longer valid evidence for enumeration purposes and INS replaced it with Form I-551 (Permanent Resident Card).

The I-151 lacked security features and presented more opportunities for alteration and fraud than other immigration documents.

From 1992 through 1996, INS conducted a “Green Card Replacement” project to replace the I-151 cards in circulation. Some applicants (e.g., homebound elderly or nursing home residents) may have been unable to replace their old I-151 cards. Although the card is not a valid immigration document, the person may still retain lawful permanent resident status with DHS.

B. Procedure when an applicant submits an I-151 as evidence for an SSN card

1. When to accept the I-151

If an applicant submits an I-151 and was unable to replace it with the I-551 because of a mental or physical disability or is elderly and homebound

  • Enter the application using the “RO/CPS Int” process per RM 10210.170.

    NOTE: The I-151 is not listed as an acceptable document in SSA’s enumeration system. There should be rare instances where the I-151 is presented and accepted because of a mental or physical impairment.

  • Verify the alien’s immigration status using these specific instructions: Request DHS verify the alien’s immigration status (as opposed to verifying the I-151 card). Follow MSOM INTRANET 002.005 and GN 00303.610B.6.a. to request immigration status verification. Do not request DHS verify the Form I-151.

2. When to refer the alien to DHS for a current immigration document

In cases where it appears the person is physically or mentally able to comply with the “Green Card Replacement” project but did not do so, refer him/her to DHS to get a Permanent Resident Card (I-551). Contact the RO for guidance in these situations; do not process the SSN application when the applicant submits an I-151, unless advised to do so by the RO after consultation with Central Office.

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