TN 1 (02-10)

RM 10212.065 Evidence Required to Process a Name Change on the SSN based on Divorce, Dissolution, or Annulment

Evidence of the name change event, the new name, and identity is required to process a name change based on a divorce, dissolution, or annulment event.

A. Evidence of name change

Refer to RM 10212.060 for acceptable evidence of divorce, dissolution, or annulment.

B. Evidence of new name

A divorce decree, annulment decree or evidence of dissolution stating the new name (i.e., to be shown on the SSN card) is acceptable evidence of the new name. If a new name is stated in the document, this is the new name that must be used on the SSN.

If the divorce or annulment decree does not specify the new name, then accept one of the following:

  • Any prior Numident record showing a card was issued in the new name (i.e., name shown on card (NAA) line). This is often the applicant’s maiden name, or it could be a prior married name;

  • A birth certificate (BC), or amended BC, if the person is changing to the maiden name;

  • A prior marriage document, if the person is changing to a prior married name; or

  • Other documents such as the person’s Naturalization Certificate, DHS document or previous court order for a name change.

1. Documenting Evidence of the new name in the Enumeration system

In the enumeration system on the legal name change screen:

  • complete the “Name Change Document 2” field;

  • select “Basis for Name Change Document”; and

  • complete the “Document Description” field with the evidence used to establish the new name.

Use the following chart to complete the Document Description field based on the evidence of new name.

Evidence of New Name

Additional Information Needed

Enumeration System Documentation in the Document Description field

Name on Card (NAA line) from prior Numident record

CYD date for the Numident iteration from which the name was obtained



BC State and document #


Amended BC

BC State and document #

AMENDED BC XX (State) Document #

Prior marriage document

Prior marriage event date, city and state, and record number (if available)

PRIOR MR MMDDYY Phila PA #000000

Certificate of Naturalization

Event Date and A# or certificate number

Nat Cert MMDDYY A# 11111111

DHS document

DHS Form number and issue date


US court order name change

Event date, city and state

Ct Order NmChng XXDDYY, Phila PA

C. Evidence of number holder’s identity

Refer to RM10212.015 D and RM 10212.020 for evidence of identity requirements. There are no special circumstances related to divorce, dissolution, or annulment events.

D. Example of acceptable evidence to process a name change based on divorce or annulment

Deborah Thompson wants to change her name on her SSN to her maiden name, Lewis. She submitted evidence of the name change event, her divorce decree. The decree does not specify the new name, Lewis. The divorce decree shows her married name and date of birth that agrees with the Numident and indicates the divorce took place three years ago. Her Numident record shows she previously had a card in the name Lewis,