TN 10 (08-02)

GN 00201.006 Methods of Obtaining Title II Applications

A. Introduction

It is important to determine the most efficient way of obtaining completed applications, based on the circumstance in each case. However, use telephone or mail whenever possible.

(See GN 00204.055 for the Internet policy and procedures for applications completed on the Internet. See SI 00601.062 for obtaining an SSI application.)

B. Procedure

1. Arranging an in-person application interview

  1. For Modernized Claims System scheduling and controlling appointment, see Modernized System Operations Manual MSOM APPTS 001.002.

  2. Send an SSA-2708 (Field Office Call Come In Request) to those who can visit the field office (FO).

  3. Send an SSA-2708 to those who cannot visit the FO, but can visit the contact station.

  4. Telephone or use an SSA-2708 when you can not schedule an application interview.

  5. See SI 00601.060F.2 for required face-to-face interview guidelines for title XVI.

2. Providing in-person application

  1. Whenever a potential claimant visits a FO and wishes to file, make every effort to complete an application and obtain the claimant's signature.

  2. Where it is not possible to complete an application (e.g. claimant does not wish to wait for an interview), schedule an appointment.

  3. If the potential claimant requests an application, provide it along with a suitably marked SSA-9 (listing of Proofs).

  4. FO's may provide applications and filing information to individuals who inquire on behalf of potential claimants. Explain that direct contact with the claimant is preferred. Enter the numberholder ‘s name and social security number on all forms furnished.

  5. Provide potential disability claimants with booklet SSA-05-10029 (Disability Benefits) and the appropriate Starter Kit (see DI 11005.018B. for information about the kit).

  6. Make it known that the FO is available to assist claimants, or inquirers on behalf of claimant, complete any forms furnished.

  7. Establish a protective writing where appropriate to prevent any loss of benefits.

3. Mailing application

  1. Mail completed applications with a SSA-L566–U2 (Title II Application Cover Notice). Indicate on the SSA-L566–U2 the evidence that is required. When mailing the appointment confirmation notice, send the appropriate Starter Kit to disability applicants.

  2. Use the SSA-L566–U2 to transmit all material to the claimant when the application is completed by phone.

  3. Circle all items requiring an answer, and check where the signature is required. Include any additional questions, if applicable, in the Remarks section.

  4. Enclose an SSA-9 (Listing of Proofs) indicating the proofs required. When mailing the appointment confirmation notice, send the appropriate Starter Kit to disability applicants.

  5. Include an unfranked return envelope.

4. Mailing other forms

  1. Prepare a note when the mailed form requires an explanation or clarification.

  2. Include an unfranked return envelope.

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