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GN 00203.030 Resolving Identity Discrepancies in Title II Claims

A. Background regarding identity discrepancies

During a title II claim interview, technicians may encounter identity discrepancies in the Modernized Claims System (MCS) path that make the Integrated Client/Numident Discrepancy (ICND) screen appear. This POMS section provides guidance regarding resolution of these discrepancies.

For specific policy related to identification of claimants, see GN 00203.020.

For Modernized Supplemental Security Income Claims System (MSSICS) instructions, see SI 00601.062.

B. Resolving MCS discrepancies

During the claims process, the ICND screen will appear if there are discrepancies between the claimant’s allegations and the Numident for name, date of birth (DOB), place of birth (POB), gender, and parents’ names. Some discrepancies require development for resolution and will create an “adjudicative edit” in the claim (see MSOM MCS 011.007), while others can be accepted if the claimant does not request a change on their Numident record (see chart below). The ICND screen has a data entry field to invoke the Social Security Number Application Process (SSNAP) screens so we can correct or update the Numident data. You can resolve the adjudicative edit by following the instructions in the chart.

NOTE: You do not have to wait until the Numident updates overnight to adjudicate the claim.

Keep in mind that the system will automatically update any changes made in SSNAP for the claim to the Numident. For evidence required to correct the Numident if the need arises, see RM 10210.015.

Identity Items

MCS Initial Claims/Appeals


Discrepancy Shown on ICND Screen?

Yes (Y) / No (N)

Adjudicative Edit?

Resolution References


(First and Last)



Request evidence per current procedure in:

RM 10212.010 through

RM 10212.165

Date of Birth




Obtain evidence to support the DOB change per RM 10210.295.

NOTE: If the only discrepancy that exists is the DOB and the proof code on the RSDHI Claims Application (APPL) Screen is B or C, the ICND screen will not be displayed. See RM 10235.005.

Place of Birth - City

“N” if this is the only discrepancy.

“Y” if other discrepancies exist.


For tolerances, and to accept the claimant’s allegation for claims purposes, refer to GN 00203.020. Complete the SSNAP application if the claimant wants to update their city of birth and can provide proof.

Place of Birth - State or Country



Request proof per RM 10212.200.




Accept the claimant’s allegation in the claim. If the claimant wants to change the gender on the Numident, see RM 10212.200B.2.

Mother’s Name at her Birth or Father’s Name

In concurrent claims, “N” if this is the only discrepancy.

“Y” if other discrepancies exist.


If the tolerance does not apply, or the claimant wants to change the parent’s name on the Numident, request proof per RM 10212.200.

C. Processing limitations

This subsection provides information regarding possible processing limitations related to the information on the ICND screen.

1. Gender is the same for number holder (NH) and spouse

If the gender is the same for NH and a spouse on our records, consider whether a same-sex marriage or same-sex relationship is involved (see GN 00210.000).

2. Discrepancy with NH identification when auxiliary or survivor is filing

The MCS system automatically detects any discrepancies on the SSN that the applicant is filing for benefits (NH’s record). Therefore, even if the NH is not filing or is already receiving benefits, we generate an alert during the auxiliary or survivor’s claim.

If you encounter a NH’s discrepancy (deceased or living) that generates an adjudicative edit while taking an auxiliary or survivor’s claim, follow the steps below:

  • If the NH lives with the auxiliary and wants to update his or her record, follow instructions in section B of this chapter.

  • If the NH is deceased and the survivor is able to provide the required evidence to update the record, follow instructions in RM 10225.095.

  • If the NH is not willing to update our records, does not have the proper documentation or is deceased, process the claim using the A-101 or EF-101 process. For A-101 information, see MSOM MCS 014.001 and for EF-101 information, see MSOM T2PE 009.001.

D. Failure to provide evidence

If a claimant needs assistance in obtaining evidence, make every reasonable effort to assist him or her per GN 00301.180.

If you are unable to resolve the discrepancy after making every reasonable effort to assist the claimant, deny the claim following procedures in GN 01010.410.

IMPORTANT: If you are denying the claim for another factor of entitlement, and the claimant has the required evidence to process the SSNAP application at the time of filing, continue processing the SSNAP application to correct the Numident record.

E. References

  • GN 00203.020 Identity of Claimants

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