TN 45 (11-11)

GN 00205.020 Obtaining Supplemental Information

A. Procedure

  • Determine the amount and nature of additional data needed to adjudicate the claim.

  • On a paper claim, use an SSA-795, SSA-L732, plain paper, or an application form and write “supplemental” on it.

    In a Modernized Claims System (MCS) claim, capture the information in the RPOC field. Tell the claimant that the same penalty provisions apply to the supplemental form as to the original application.

NOTE: The filing date of the claim is not affected.

  • When mailing a supplemental pre-printed application, either complete it from the original or strike out all the numbered items except those that require a response.

  • Check the incomplete or incorrect items and the signature line.

B. Description of paper supplemental applications for retirement insurance benefits (RIB) and spouse's benefits

The SSA-1-BK and SSA-2-BK each have:

  • a check block indicating that the form is being used as a supplement;

  • directions explaining who may complete it for furnishing supplemental information; and

  • highlighted questions that need answering.

Either application form can supplement the other. Answer only the circled items on the supplemental form if the claimant is claiming RIB and Spouse's benefits at the same time. See GN 01010.007 for the adjudication requirements.

NOTE: An Internet application will produce only one signed application. Do not complete a supplemental application for any other benefits covered by the Internet application. For more information on obtaining additional applications, see GN 00204.055H.

C. References

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