TN 60 (07-23)

GN 00205.600 Spanish Language Applications

A. Background

These instructions apply only to the following Spanish language forms:

  • SSA-1-BK,

  • SSA-2-BK,

  • SSA-3,

  • SSA-4-BK,

  • SSA-5-BK,

  • SSA-7-BK,

  • SSA-8-BK,

  • SSA-10-BK,

  • SSA-11-BK,

  • SSA-16-BK,

  • HCFA-18,

  • SSA-19-BK,

  • SSA-8000-BK,

  • SSA-8001-BK,

  • SSA-8202, and

  • SSA-8203-BK

B. Policy on Spanish language applications

We number all items on Spanish language applications to correspond exactly to the equivalent English application. No translation should be necessary.

C. Procedure for when to offer a Spanish language application

1. Bilingual interviewer in field office (FO)

Use Spanish language applications if there is a bilingual interviewer in the FO who can conduct the interview and complete the application in Spanish.

Use the Spanish version of the application only if the claimant accepts the offer. Attach a copy of the English version to the Spanish application for easy reference during processing.

2. Identifying who may want Spanish language applications

Use any of the following criteria to identify persons who are potential users of Spanish language applications.

  • Claimant specifically asks to use Spanish.

  • Person states a preference for Spanish or has difficulty with English during the contact but shows familiarity with Spanish.

  • Conduct the interview in Spanish by a bilingual interviewer.

  • A Spanish language indicator is on the Master Beneficiary Record (MBR) or the Supplemental Security Record (SSR).

3. SSA-8202, Statement for Determining Continuing Eligibility for Supplemental Security Income Payments

Mail the English and Spanish version of the SSA-8202 to Supplemental Security Income (SSI) recipients if there is a Spanish indicator on the Supplemental Security Record (SSR) with a cover letter stating that they may use either one.

4. Spanish terminology

If an entry requires using Spanish terminology (e.g., claimant's occupation), make the entry with the English translation in parentheses above.

5. Remarks or narrative

Write the remarks or narrative of the interview in English on a form SSA-795.

6. Other forms used

Complete any other forms used in English on the English version of the form.

D. Procedure for when not to offer a Spanish language application

Do not offer Spanish language applications based on telephone or mail contact.

EXCEPTION: If there is a Spanish indicator on the SSR, mail the SSA-8202 to the SSI claimant.

E. Reference

NL 00601.600 Spanish Language Notices

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