TN 40 (05-12)

GN 00301.105 Certification of Evidence for Totalization Claims

A. Background

Under the requirements of U.S. International Social Security agreements, also known as totalization agreements (see GN 01702.200 - GN 01702.215), claimants who are unwilling to part with evidentiary documents, may request FOs to certify the evidence for their totalization claim.

B. Process for certifying evidence

The FO will take the following actions:

  • follow the regular certification procedures as outlined in GN 00301.095;

  • photocopy the document, including foreign language documents;

  • return the original document to the claimant; and

  • forward all SSA certificates to the following address:

    Social Security Administration

    OIO - Totalization

    P.O. Box 17049

    Baltimore, Maryland 21235

NOTE: FOs must not return an SSA certified document to the claimant for forwarding. You may find specific evidence requirements under each agreement in the appropriate subchapter of GN 01700.000.

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