TN 39 (05-12)

GN 00301.190 Helping Claimants Obtain Foreign Evidence

A. Obtaining foreign evidence through Office of International Operations (OIO)

If a claimant needs help in obtaining evidence from a foreign country, route the request through OIO. OIO will make the necessary contact with the Foreign Service Post (FSP). For more information on FSP, see GN 00307.005 Roles of FSPsā€”Process and GN 00307.010 Retention of Documents Issued Outside the U.S.

B. Obtaining foreign evidence without OIO assistance

There are countries that you must contact directly. Contact the following servicing offices directly.



Service Office


British Virgin Islands

See POMS reference

GN 00312.062


See POMS references

GN 00312.078 and GN 01715.320


American Embassy, Athens

GN 00905.174


See POMS reference

GN 00307.670D


Foreign Service Post in Manila, Philippines

GN 00312.318

Western Samoa

See POMS references

GN 00312.432 and GN 00312.342

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