TN 39 (05-12)

GN 00301.335 Responsibilities and Duties of Translators

A. Responsibility of translators

The responsibility of every authorized translator is to:

  • determine if the foreign-language document is genuine and whether the format and certification of the document is correct for the period the document was issued;

  • give an accurate translation of the foreign-language document into English;

  • only include facts that are specifically shown on the document itself;

  • include translated information in the remarks section of the translation form that is pertinent even though information is not provided for by the format of the form;

  • refer documents that may not be authentic to Translation and Priority Workload Unit for evaluation and translation. See GN 00301.410 Translations – Identifying Alterations or Corrections and RM 10210.205 Policy for Reviewing and Verifying Evidence for an SSN to verify documents that are suspicious, questionable, fraudulent, or have signs of alterations.

1. Cautions when reviewing foreign evidence

Be aware of the limitations and cautions in handling foreign evidence that are in GN 00307.001 Foreign Evidence and GN 00312.001 Sources of Vital Statistics Records outside the U.S. Keep in mind the following cautions when reviewing foreign evidence.

  • Variances in languages and methods of recording birth information in other countries.

  • Evidence from Zimbabwe is unreliable and readily available.

  • Investigations and studies of the establishment, maintenance, availability, and certification of foreign records.

  • Variances in records from different areas of the same country.

2. Certification of translators

A Social Security Administration (SSA) translator may certify a photocopy of the translated document according to GN 00301.095 SSA Certification of Photocopies. The translator may also be an SSA employee who can volunteer. For information on the authorization of SSA translators, see GN 00301.345 Authorization of SSA Translators. SSA employees may volunteer because an SSA translator already has certification authority based on the question regarding authenticity and regularity on the Form SSA-533 Translation Request. The omission of a certification stamp on a photocopy is not questionable, if the SSA-533 indicates that the translator translated from the original document.

B. References

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