TN 58 (09-21)

GN BOS00301.345 Authorization of SSA Translators (TN 2-94 – 09/2004)


The Boston Regional Translator list is now available on the national translator database located on the Intranet here.

You can find instructions for using the translator database on the web site. See B.3 below for the translator priority list.

For Region I, the REMARKS field on the database is used to annotate if a translator has any restrictions (e.g., “FO only”) or if the translator will be unavailable for more than two weeks. You should always query the database prior to sending a document for translation. Click on the last name to see if the translator has any restrictions or is currently unavailable.


1. Authorization Procedure

For authorization to serve as a translator, the field office manager must complete two copies of Form SSA-1014 (Official Translator’s Signature Card) (see OS 15020.215) specifying the candidate’s qualifications and forward them for approval to:

Social Security Administration
JFK Federal Building
Room 1925 Attn: CPS
Boston, MA 02203

Field office managers can find additional instructions on authorizing new translators in GN 00301.345B.1.

When approved, CPS will add the individual to the Regional Translator List.

2. Updating the Regional Translator Database

FO management must notify CPS via email at ||BOS CPS RSI SSI of any inter-office transfers, any deletions because of resignation, retirement, death or transfer to another region, and any other changes such as name changes. FO management should also notify CPS if a translator will be out of the office for more than two weeks.

3. Using an SSA Translator

You should submit foreign language documents for translation to an SSA translator within the region servicing the claimant. Fax or mail assistance requests for translator services to the nearest field office (FO) with an available translator. Always query the translator database prior to sending a document for translation to determine if a translator’s services are limited to certain offices or if the translator is unavailable for an extended period of time. Translators may fax completed translations back to the requesting office.

If there are no authorized SSA translators in the region, use a non-SSA translator within the region who is acceptable per GN 00301.350.

If there are no non-SSA translators within the region, use an acceptable non-SSA translator outside the region.

If there are no non-SSA translators, send or fax the translation request to the Central Translation Section (CTS) in Central Office. Instructions for submitting translations to CTS are located in GN 00301.355.

You should not use SSA translators (except for CTS) outside the Boston Region.

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