TN 29 (12-10)

GN 00301.415 Translations of Delayed Registration and Reconstructed Records

A. Background for delayed registration and reconstructed records

If the original birth records were destroyed or the events were never recorded, the claimant must reconstruct the records. The procedures for establishing birth records vary from country to country.

When the vital statistics registrar, court, or other authority issues a document, they may use the same form and format as any other certification. The only indication that a delayed registration or reconstructed record exists, may be the register number or marginal note entered for the event.

For example, the last two or four digits of the register number often includes the year of registration, such as Birth Register NP, VIII-1946/1965 (this may also appear as 1946/65); 1965 is the registration year. The certificates may also bear a notation recorded for the event in accordance with a court decree or decision.

B. FO procedure for processing the delayed or reconstructed records

1. Show basis for delayed registration

The claimant must show the basis made for the delayed registration. For example:

  • court decision,

  • affidavit,

  • statement of witnesses,

  • statement and/or appearance by the individual on the record.

2. Value of the reconstructed record

Translate the reconstructed information about the informant, witness, or declarant:

  • name,

  • age,

  • place of birth,

  • residence, and

  • relationship, etc..,

This information can affect the value of the record.

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