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GN 00302.005 When a Deceased WE's Age Must be Established

A. General

At times it is necessary to develop proof of age for a deceased worker. The following specifies when this development is needed. (See C. below if claimant cannot or will not submit evidence.)

B. When to develop DB

If Insured status is met under.. AND IF the PIA is... AND if the claim is for... Then...

All DB' in file

The same (regardless of which DB is used)

Monthly benefits and/or LSDP

Use the DB shown on the application.


    EXCEPTION:Use the DB shown on more covincing documentary evidence if all ready in file.


Different (Depending on which DB is used)

Monthly benefits

Request evidence of age.


    NOTE:You may partially adjudicate the claim using the DB in file which yield the lowest benefit amount while the DB is being developed.



  • Pay the LSDP, and

  • Request evidence of age postadjudicatively.

    NOTE:Use the alleged DB until DB development is completed.

    EXCEPTION:If it is clear that no monthly benefits will be payable on the deceased WE's record (e.g., the surviving widow is age 65 and her own RIB equals or exceeds the deceased WE's PIA), curtail all age development and

  • Use the alleged DB

  • Use proof code “A”, and

  • Document the file with an SSA-5002 or an SSA-924 as to why the adjudicator believes that no monthly benetifs will be payable.

Only some DB's in file —— Monthly benefits and/or LSDP Request evidence of age. (See GN 00302.020)

None of the DB's in file


Monthly benefits and/or LSDP

  • Do not establish the DB

  • Disallow for lack of insured status

  • Use the “A” DB code

    NOTE:If the adjudicator prefers, he/she may establish the WE's DB if the evidence in file is sufficient.

C. Claimant does not submit evidence

When the claimant is not able or does not wish to submit proof of age for the deceased WE, do the following:

  • Use the DB in file which yields the lowest benefit, provided the WE is insured by the DB's in file.

  • Document the file (with a Report of Contact (RC) or SSA-795) that the claimant does not wish to furnish proof.

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