GN DAL00302.100 Developing Evidence of Age When There Is No Preferred Evidence


Occasionally, an individual applying for Social Security benefits does not have preferred evidence. Other evidence is required to serve as a basis for a determination.


1. Masonic Lodge

a. Arkansas

James L. Weatherall
Grand Secretary of the Grand Lodge of Arkansas
Albert Pike Memorial Temple
700 Scott Street
Little Rock, Arkansas 72201

Phone (501) 374-6408

Written request is preferred. Furnish claimant's name and the name and/or number of the lodge of which he is or was a member. There is no charge for records. Some records date back to 1880's. Complete records from 1919 on are available but not all have age or date of birth until 1936.

b. Louisiana

Thomas J. Pitman
Grand Secretary of the Grand Lodge of Louisiana
P. O. Box 12357
Alexandria, LA 71315

Phone: 318-443-5610

Written request required with consent. Furnish name of claimant and lodge name/number. Records complete for entire State back to 1867. Some records are available back to 1812. Must be a member of a lodge that is under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of the State of Louisiana.

c. New Mexico

Ronald A. Brinkman
Grand Secretary of the Grand Lodge of New Mexico
P. O. Box 25004
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87125

Written request or contact in person only. There is no charge for records. Furnish name of claimant. Records are available back to 1877, but age or date of birth shown only from 1947 on. All records would prove at least age 21 at time of petitioning for membership.

d. Oklahoma

Garry Odom
Grand Secretary of the Grand Lodge of Oklahoma
P. O. Box 1019
Guthrie, Oklahoma 73044

Written requests, in person requests, or fax requests (405-282-3244) accepted. Furnish full name of claimant. There is no charge for records. Records are complete for the entire State back to 1874 although age or DOB will not always be shown. Member requirements were for person to be 21 until about 10 years ago when the age requirement was lowered to age 19.

e. Texas

Grand Secretary of the Grand Lodge of Texas
P. O. Box 446
Waco, Texas 76703

Contact by letter or in person only. There is no charge for records. Furnish name of claimant and name of town in which he first petitioned for membership. Records are complete for entire State back to 1930. Some records are available back to 1837. Original application also retained by local lodge where first applied for membership.

2. Texas Prison Records

Records for all 85 Texas prison units are maintained in three different locations in Huntsville, Texas. (Exception: State Jail and Substance Abuse Facility inmate records are maintained at the respective units.) The prison inmate is usually assigned a different inmate number upon each entry into the prison system. The name shown on the prison record is the name used when arrested and convicted and is not necessarily the inmate's legal name. Records of prior commitments are maintained in the folder established in the most recent admission. All requests for evidence from the prison records should be made through the parallel office (DOC: A74, Conroe TX) on an SSA- 562 or by fax. Requests to certify prison records should indicate:

  1. Name used at time of arrest as well as any aliases used;

  2. Date of last admission, if known;

  3. Inmate number. If unknown, furnish the county where the inmate was convicted along with the date of birth. This information helps to differentiate the inmate from those with similar names. The inmate should have the release papers which would show the inmate number;

  4. Whether the inmate is active (i.e., currently in prison) or inactive. If inactive, show if discharged or released on parole as these records are maintained separately;

  5. If deceased, show if death occurred while in prison or after release; and

  6. Type of evidence needed (i.e., age or DOB, identifying information, places of residence, marriage or divorce information, acknowledgement of child, or prior medical sources).

3. Evidence of Age – Texas Drivers License

If the Texas drivers license record is needed for an age determination, download the Texas DR-1 form (Application for Copy of Driver Record) from the State site at