TN 9 (02-85)

GN 00302.337 Evidence of Survivor Status - Survivor Organizations

How to obtain

Follow this procedure to obtain information from the records of a survivor study organization or an organization which aids survivors.

Step Procedure
1 Ask the claimant if he/she ever gave the history of his/her experiences to such an organization.
• If yes, go to step 2.
• If no, request other evidence of survivor status.
2 • Ask for the name and address of the organization.
• Obtain an organization from the claimant for the organization to release pertinent information to SSA.
3 Ask the organization to provide the age or DB shown in its records for the claimant, and the country in which the survivor was subject to persecution.
4 Accept any other information the organization may furnish.
NOTE:The fact that the age in the organization's records is the same as that shown in the claimant's domestic evidence is not determinative of the correct DB. Many survivors simply did not trust any organization to protect them, and continued to use the incorrect DB.

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