BASIC (09-87)

GN 00302.910 Sources of Immigration and Naturalization Records

A. Introduction

The location of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) records pertaining to a foreign born claimant is determined by two factors:

  • Whether the claimant is an alien or a naturalized citizen, and

  • If an alien, the date of arrival in the U.S., or if naturalized, the date of naturalization

B. Summary Chart

This chart summarizes the information on sources of DHS records given in GN 00302.920 - GN 00302.940 below. For more specific information pertining to each source, refer to the appropriate section.

IF claimant is...AND...THEN you may obtain...FROM this location

An alien

Arrived in U.S. before 7/1/24

Arrival record

DHS Verification Center (GN 00302.920)


Alien registration record

DHS District Office (GN 00302.920)


Arrived in U.S. after 6/30/24

  • Arrival information, including visas and supporting documents

  • Alien registration records

DHS District Office (GN 00302.930)

A naturalized citizen

Was naturalized before 4/1/56

Arriv al record

DHS Verification Center; if not available there, see GN 00302.920 for subsequent action


Alien registration record (if an alien at a time of 1940 registration or later)

DHS District Office (GN 00302.940)


Petition for naturalization, naturalization record, etc.

  • U.S. District Court or other court of record, or

  • DHS District Office (GN 00302.940)


Naturalized after 3/31/56

Arrival information including visas and supporting documents

DHS District Office; if not available there, may be obtained from DHS Verification Center