GN DAL00304.075 Determining If Homicide Is an Issue

See GN 00304.075


2. Claimant Involvement in Homicide Unknown

Requests for statements of claimant noninvolvement in the homicide of the DNH when death occurred in Harris County, Texas can be developed as follows:

a. Death within the city limits of Houston

Send an SSA-562 to the Houston (Downtown), Texas DO marked "Homicide Letter" in red across the top of the form. Include the following information on the SSA-L4159 (GN 00304.090B.) to assist the DO in their contact with the Houston Police Department:

- Full name of DNH and aliases;

- Race;

- Date of birth;

- Home address of DNH at time of death; and

- Address or location where death occurred.

b. Death within another city in Harris County

Send request to servicing DO.

c. Death within Harris County but not within a city

A written request can be sent directly to the Harris County Sheriff's Department, Investigative Division, 1301 Franklin, Houston, Texas 77002. If necessary, send a follow-up via SSA-562 to the Houston (Downtown), Texas DO.

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