TN 26 (12-98)

GN 00306.060 Evidence of Parent-Child Relationship - State Law

A. Policy

A BC with spaces for the parents' names must be requested.

Under all State laws, a child must be the natural child of the NH to be legitimated or recognized for inheritance purposes by the NH. Ordinarily, the legitimating or recognizing act is sufficient evidence of a natural parent-child relationship unless there is information to the contrary. When the parents’ marriage is to be proven to show that a child has been legitimated or has inheritance rights, documentary proof of marriage is required. In those States where no act is required, the fact of paternity establishes a parent-child relationship.

In either case, if there is an indication that the NH may not be the child's natural parent (e.g., someone else is shown as father on the child's BC), additional development is necessary. If the child was born but not listed on the NH's RIB or DIB application, and the NH subsequently acknowledges the child, additional development is required in the absence of a reasonable explanation for the delayed acknowledgment.

B. Procedure

Use the guidelines in GN 00306.125B. to assist in development. However, if the child was born in wedlock and the Lord Mansfield Rule applies, some evidence may not be acceptable.

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