TN 26 (12-98)

GN 00306.150 Advice About Adoption

A. Procedure — general

Follow these guidelines:

  • Use great care in giving advice on adoptions so you do not imply that SSA encourages them. No one can be sure that adoption in a specific case will be granted, and adoption has legal consequences other than entitlement to Social Security benefits.

  • Explain only the provisions of the Act. You can make a final determination as to a child's entitlement only after adoption is complete.

  • Do not give advice on adoption laws in specific States even upon request.

B. Procedure — adoption after entitlement or death

Do not routinely volunteer information about the provisions of the Act concerning such adoptions. You may give such information only if:

  • Someone requests it,

  • There is an indication that adoption proceedings have been started or are contemplated, or

  • If the NH is deceased, evidence shows that the child was placed in the NH's home for adoption, or that the NH and spouse had intended to adopt the child.

C. Procedure — filing of application

Accept an application if someone wishes to file immediately for a child who has not yet been adopted. Do not suggest filing an application before the adoption if the inquirer does not express a wish to file. However, you may suggest filing if adoption proceedings have been initiated.

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