TN 27 (01-02)

GN 00307.001 Foreign Records and Documents

A. Introduction

This subchapter contains information on foreign records and the special procedures which apply to them. Unless otherwise stated, these guidelines apply to both foreign and domestic claims.

Although evidence requirements for foreign-born claimants are basically the same as those for other claimants, differences occur because of:

  • investigations and studies of the establishment, maintenance, availability and certification of foreign records; and

  • variances in the value of records in different areas of the same country.

B. Procedure

Evaluate foreign evidence carefully in light of information available about the records of that country and the conditions under which they are maintained and certifications issued.

Request a field investigation by a Foreign Service post (FSP) before using evidence which is questionable, doubtful or of unknown value to establish a factor of entitlement.

Furnish a photocopy of the document containing the marginal note when requesting an FSP to get evidence of an event to which reference is made in a marginal note on a document in file.

C. Foreign evidence verification

1. Background

Foreign Service Posts (FSPs) are experiencing increasing delays in attempting to respond to requests for birth record information. When requests are made to a FSP by Central Office or field offices that lack needed verifying information, FSPs have to make unnecessary, additional contacts and inquiries to ensure the correct information is obtained. (For example, one may request a record from Las Palmas, Mexico, but there are 36 Las Palmas in Mexico).

2. Action

Because of variances in languages and methods of recording birth information in other countries, guidelines in POMS GN 00307 should be closely followed. This procedure gives instructions for addressing issues in various countries. However, this list highlights important guidelines for requesting birth information that should be followed regardless of the country in question:

  1. a. 

    Provide the claimants full name at birth (including any double surnames).

  2. b. 

    Note his/her date of birth and all dates of birth alleged.

  3. c. 

    Show the place of birth, including the state and town, village or city

    • If the claimant was born in a large city, include the address of the parents at the time of his/her birth or the district of the city in which they lived

    • If they were born in a small town, village or rancho, include the name of the nearest municipality.

  4. d. 

    Provide the mother and father's full names (including any double surnames).

  5. e. 

    State the basis of the request.

  6. f. 

    Show the SSN on which the claim was filed.

Adhering to these guidelines will enable the FSPs provide prompter service and negate the necessity of returning requests for further clarification.

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