TN 19 (09-95)

GN 00307.155 Claimant Objects to Contact Foreign Official for a Birth Certificate or a Baptismal Record

A. Introduction

Although primary evidence of age is available, a claimant may not want to request it because to do so would place the applicant or the applicant’s immediate family in danger from the authorities in that country.

B. Procedure — general

Suggest that SSA request the birth certificate without revealing the applicant address.

Take action as explained in GN 00307.155C. or GN 00307.155D., depending on the response.

C. Procedure — SSA requests proof of age (POA)

1. Development

Document the file as to why SSA, and not the claimant, is requesting the POA.

Secure all the necessary identifying information and request for the SSA office that serves the place of birth of the claimant to secure the record. Do not ask the claimant to pay for the birth certificate.

Use an MDW if OIO is the servicing office. Show “POA Request per GN 00307.155”on the request and state whether the completed development should be sent to the FO or PC.

NOTE: If the claim is being developed by a Foreign Service Post (FSP), the FSP will ask the FSP servicing the record of the custodian (not OIO) to get the birth certificate.

2. Processing claim

Process as though claimant had requested the evidence. Diary for follow-up in accordance with GN 00904.245.

NOTE: PC’s use an SSA-5526-U3 (not the SSA-2111-U3-FC) to follow up with OIO or Foreign Service Post in Manila, Philippines on the POA request.

D. Procedure — claimant wants no contact with foreign officials

Get the claimant's signed statement showing:

  • When the claimant left the country of birth,

  • Who the claimant believes will be placed in danger by the contact, and

  • Why the claimant believes that adverse action would be taken if the foreign entity is provided with the information.

Do not request evidence of age from the country of the claimant’s birth. If the claimant has a reasonable basis for believing that it would result in harm, develop for other evidence of age:

The servicing office should determine whether there is a reasonable basis for the claimant to contact the foreign official. If the decision is made that there is no reasonable basis for the claimant or SSA not to contact the foreign official, document your decision electronically in the claims process and notify the claimant that the document is required if applicable under GN 00302.052.

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