TN 15 (09-91)

GN 00307.220 Foreign Adoptions

A. Introduction

Many Social Security beneficiaries return to the countries of their birth and adopt children solely to get benefits on behalf of the child. Because of these abuses, the Social Security law has been amended to provide stricter requirements for determining the dependency of these children.

B. Policy

Evidence of a legal adoption is:

  • An adoption decree;

  • An amended birth certificate issued as a result of the adoption (where experience has shown such certificates are available and reliable); or

  • Other evidence if the foreign jurisdiction does not issue amended birth certificates.

EXCEPTIONS: An amended birth certificate from Greece, Mexico, the Philippines or Turkey is not in itself sufficient proof of adoption.

C. Procedure

Accept the evidence as satisfactory evidence of an adoption if:

  • There is a precedent opinion on the requirement for such an adoption, and

  • The evidence in file conforms to the requirements in that opinion.

See GN 00306.001 and GN 00306.135 for information on the applicable law in determining the validity of an adoption.

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