TN 31 (08-05)

GN 00307.518 Evidence of Age in Greece

A. Background

1. General

Although preferred evidence of age is available for most individuals born in Greece, except as provided in GN 00307.520, little reliance can be placed on most certifications of Greek records. Certifications of public and private records are often misleading or do not accurately reflect the records on which they are based.

2. Men Born Before 1934

The primary source of evidence of age is the mitroon arrenon (as explained in GN 00307.519). A birth record from the lixiarchika vivlia is also preferred evidence if recorded before age 5.

3. Women Born Before 1934

Although evidence of age established before age 5 exists, there is no one primary source of evidence for all women.

4. All Persons Born After 1933

The lixiarchika vivlia is the primary source of evidence of age (as explained in GN 00307.520).

NOTE: The lixiarchika vivlia records were generally established in 1950 or later in the Dodecanese. Thus, for persons born in the Dodecanese, it is preferred evidence only if they were born after 1949.

B. Policy

1. General

SSA does not make any assumptions about recordation dates, except as provided in GN 00307.519C. and GN 00307.522B.2.

Except as provided in GN 00307.520, SSA does not use evidence from Greece to establish age or DB unless it has been secured or verified by the FBU in Athens.

2. Persons Born Before 1934

SSA DOES NOT TELL A CLAIMANT TO WRITE DIRECTLY TO THE CUSTODIAN OF RECORDS IN GREECE. All development for evidence of age must be through the FBU in Athens.

3. Persons Born After 1933

SSA instructs individuals born after 1933 to request a lixiarchika vivlia (if they do not already have one) directly from the registrar in the town or village in which they were born. Requests for all other evidence of age must be made through the FBU.

EXCEPTION: Evidence of age for individuals born in the Dodecanese before 1950 is handled as explained in GN 00307.518B.1. and GN 00307.518B.2.

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