TN 31 (08-05)

GN 00307.520 Lixiarchika Vivlia Records

A. Definitions

1. Lixiarchika Vivlia

Lixiarchika vivlia are vital statistics registers, maintained at the local level, in which births, baptisms, marriages and deaths are recorded. Although these registers were not compiled in all areas of Greece until 1934, these books were established in some areas at earlier dates.

In the past, there was no standard form or format for certifications from these records, and certifications were difficult to identify. However, standard formats have now been adopted which identify the source of the information as the lixiarchika vivlia. Certifications of these records can be issued in the form of an extract or as a photocopy of the actual register entry. There is no specific date on which these standard formats were adopted.

2. Lixiarchiki Praxi

A lixiarchiki praxi is an individual entry in a lixiarchika vivlia.

B. Policy — General

SSA does not make any assumptions about information not shown on these certifications.

SSA accepts a certification from the lixiarchika vivlia as evidence of age if it:

  • shows clearly that the information was taken from a lixiarchika vivlia (usually the certificate will show “Lixiarchiki Praxis Genniseos”(birth record book));

NOTE: It CANNOT be assumed that a document translated simply as a birth/baptismal certificate is based on a lixiarchika vivlia record. The translation must show CLEARLY that the document is a lixiarchiki praxis or based on a lixiarchika vivlia record.

  • shows the specific date on which the birth was recorded (i.e., month, day, year);

  • contains no indication that the information on the record was changed after the initial registration; AND

  • does not disagree materially with other evidence of comparable value.

C. Procedure — General

1. Claimant Submits a Lixiarchika Vivlia Certification

Evaluate the certification under the criteria in GN 00307.520B. If it does not meet these criteria, or is questionable for some other reason, take action as explained in GN 00307.520E.

2. Claimant Born After 1933 Does Not Have a Lixiarchika Vivlia Certification

Tell the claimant to request a certification as explained in GN 00307.520D.

EXCEPTION: If the claimant presents a mitroon arrenon which is acceptable under GN 00307.519C., do not request a lixiarchika vivlia certification unless there is a material discrepancy in the month and day of birth.

3. Woman Claimant Born Before 1934 Believes There is a Lixiarchika Vivlia Record

Develop as explained in GN 00307.523A.

REMARKS: These records are requested through FBU to avoid delays if the community does not have lixiarchika vivlia records for the period in question. Before requesting the record, FBU will first verify that the records exist. If no such records exist, FBU will obtain other evidence of age.

D. Procedure — Requests For Lixiarchika Vivlias

Tell the claimant to write directly to the registrar of the town or village in which he/she was born and request a certified copy of his lixiarchiki praxi. Advise him/her that no street address is needed but the request must show both the community and the nomarchy (province) to distinguish it from other communities of the same name in Greece. There is no charge for these certifications.

The request must include the following information about the individual:

  • full Greek name (not the anglicized version or any nicknames);

  • date of birth;

  • father's name;

  • mother's maiden name; and

  • if the claimant was born in Athens, the area of the city in which he /she was born.

E. Procedure — FBU Development Needed

Use an SSA-1200 as explained in GN 00307.525, to request FBU assistance in verifying a lixiarchika vivlia certification or in developing for additional evidence of age if the certification:

  • does not meet the criteria in GN 00307.520B.;

  • does not show the birth was registered before age 5;

  • indicates the entry was changed after the initial registration; or

  • disagrees materially with other evidence of comparable value.

F. Process — General

When the FBU secures a birth record certification from the custodian of the lixiarchika vivlia records, it stamps the certification to show that it obtained the document. It also examines the certification to verify that the record was made before age 5 and that there is no evidence of changes in the initial registration. If the birth was registered before age 5 and there is no reason to question the information shown, the FBU sends the document to the requesting office or individual.

If the birth was not registered before age 5 or there is evidence of a change in the initial registration, the FBU takes additional action as explained in GN 00307.520G.

G. Process — FBU Development

1. Certification Does Not Show a Recordation Date

FBU will attempt to ascertain, by mail or personal examination of the source record, the recordation date. If the birth was recorded before age 5, FBU advises the requesting office of the recordation date.

If it cannot establish that the birth was recorded before age 5, FBU takes action as explained in GN 00307.520G.2.

2. Record Was Not Established Before Age 5

FBU conducts a full field investigation and sends a report of the investigation to the requesting office.

3. Record Was Changed After the Initial Registration

FBU determines the basis and nature of the change(s). If this casts doubt on the identity of the individual or the date of birth, FBU undertakes additional development or obtains additional evidence.

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