TN 31 (08-05)

GN 00307.523 DB Development for a Greek-Born Claimant

A. Procedure - Woman Born In Greece Before 1934

Complete an SSA-1200 (as explained in GN 00307.525) and ask the FBU to conduct an investigation to determine what evidence of age is available in that country. Advise the FBU if the claimant believes that there is a lixiarchika vivlia record of her birth/baptism.

B. Procedure - Man Born In Greece Before 1934

1. General

Obtain a mitroon arrenon (as explained in GN 00307.519D.) if he was born in an area that was part of Greece at the time of his birth, or was annexed within 5 years of his birth.

2. Mitroon Arrenon Is Not Available

Complete an SSA-1200, as explained in GN 00307.525, and request a field investigation, if a claimant for whom a mitroon arrenon is not available (because he was born in an area annexed by Greece more than 5 years after his birth or he has evidence showing FBU could not locate the record) either:

  1. a. 

    submits Greek evidence which is not acceptable under GN 00307.519 - GN 00307.522; or

  2. b. 

    indicates other preferred evidence may be available in Greece.

C. Procedure - All Claimants Born In Greece After 1933

Ask the claimant if he/she has a lixiarchika vivlia certification. If one is submitted, evaluate it under the criteria in GN 00307.520B.

If the claimant does not have one, ask the claimant to get a certification from the lixiarchika vivlia as explained in GN 00307.520D.

If the claimant was born in the Dodecanese prior to 1950, take action as explained in GN 00307.523A. or GN 00307.523B.

D. Process

Upon receipt of an SSA-1200 request, FBU examines the form to see if it is complete and examines the Greek evidence submitted by the claimant. If the FO has included its telephone or fax number with the request, FBU contacts it to obtain any needed clarification. Otherwise, FBU returns, for resolution, any SSA-1200 which contains incomplete or confusing information before it initiates a field investigation.

In investigating age, FBU initially searches for preferred proof of age. If evidence of age established before age 5 is not available, FBU obtains other evidence. The FBU forwards the evidence obtained to the FO, with any necessary explanation of circumstances and any determination it has made regarding the value of the evidence and the date of birth.

The FBU shows either “Gregorian calendar” or “Julian calendar” when certifying a record made before March 1, 1923 (the date civil authorities adopted the Gregorian calendar).

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