TN 31 (08-05)

GN 00307.525 Requests for Examination of Greek Records

A. Procedure

1. General

Use an SSA-1200 to request FBU development of evidence of age. Use the information in the file and that obtained in the interview with the claimant to complete the form.

The request may be either mailed or faxed (telefax number 011-30-210-646-9885) to the FBU.

If the request is to be mailed, prepare (type or block print clearly) an original and one copy of the form for forwarding to the FBU. Keep a copy in file as a control. If the request is to be faxed, only one copy is needed.

NOTE: The FBU fax number is an international telephone number. Individual offices may have to obtain local dialing instructions if their telephone systems will not support international calls.

2. Completion of the form

Complete the form as follows:




Show the FO mailing address. In addition, show the FO telephone number and fax number so that the FBU can obtain clarification or additional information if needed.


Check whether a mitroon arrenon or field investigation is being requested.

Part A. Identification of Individual Involved

Identify fully the person for whom the evidence is requested. If an item is not completed, enter a remark such as “not known” or “not applicable” to show that it has been considered and to avoid the form's return by the FBU for the missing information.


Show the full formal Greek names. Do not anglicize names or show nicknames.



  1. 1. 

    Other Names Used



2. Date of Birth


Date as shown by the claimant

3. Place of Birth


Enter the community (town or village) and the province/nomarchy. If the claimant was born in Athens, also show the area of the city.

4. Father's Name



5. Mother's Maiden Name



6. Date Entered U.S.



7. Marital History


If the claimant was married in Greece, enter the date and place of marriage. Include the full name of the church (e.g., not just “Greek Orthodox Church”).

8. Residence in Greece



9. Baptismal Record


Enter the date and place of baptism. Show the full name of the church (e.g., not just “Greek Orthodox Church”).

10. Schools Attended


Enter the name(s) and location(s) of the schools attended in Greece and the approximate attendance dates.

11. Siblings



Part B. Greek Documents

Complete in all cases. Attach clear and complete photocopies, not just translations, of all the Greek evidence submitted. Also keep copies of these documents in the file.

Part C. Other Evidence or Allegations

Enter information about all domestic evidence and allegations in file.


Include any information secured during the FO interview that is not shown elsewhere on the form and may help the FBU to locate evidence.

B. Exhibit

1. Front page of SSA-1200

Graphic: G-GN 00307.525B-1 Form: G-SSA-1200-1

2. Reverse page of SSA-1200

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