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GN 00307.578 Developing Evidence From Italy

A. Background

Prior to 1954 when it was transferred to Italy, the area around the city and province of Trieste alternated between control by Italy and Yugoslavia and an international administration after WWII. In 1954, Italy was given civil administration of the city of Trieste and annexed it to Italy. Yugoslavia was given provisional civil administration of the southern part of the territory of Trieste. This arrangement was made definitive effective October 11, 1977. Many individuals living in Trieste were born in areas which are now part of Croatia and Slovenia. Evidence from Trieste for these individuals can be based on any of a variety of sources and documents.

Church records are the only preferred evidence of age available for persons born prior to January 1, 1924 in the city and province of Trieste and in those areas which are now part of Italy.

B. Policy

The original church or civil birth record is preferred evidence of age for a claimant born in what is now part of Croatia or Slovenia.

C. Procedure

1. POA Development

If evidence from Trieste shows a claimant was born in an area which is now part of Croatia or Slovenia:

  1. a. 

    Ascertain the basis for establishing the record.

  2. b. 

    Request a certification of the civil or religious record from Croatia or Slovenia if this was the basis for the Italian record or the claimant states it exists.

  3. c. 

    Get secondary evidence (this can include the Trieste record) if there is no civil or religious record or the claimant has difficulty getting that record or a negative certification.

2. Proof of Death Development

Give the woman's maiden name, in addition to her married name, when requesting a Foreign Service post to get proof of a woman's death.

NOTE: Furnishing only the married name can cause extensive delays because records in Italy are often kept under a woman's maiden name.

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